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Starting now will save so much

Private insurers conclude that in 2012 climate disasters cost the US $139 Billion, with 75% of this paid by taxpayers according to The Economist (6/8/13 p.36). For the first time in 3 million years the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere reached 400 PPM this year. As the atmosphere gets clogged with more heat trapping gases our weather gets more volatile risking lives and increased costs. 


Perhaps living in such a beautiful area has fed the commitment to preserving it for future generations. The property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely is the essence of sustainability.

Are you a gambler?

Many of us aren’t willing to take too much risk, some hate losing. Some are addicted and others crave the thrills of winning. In simple terms we range from risk averse to the other extreme- the gamblers.

What if you’re living with increased risks but are ignoring them? You may be risk averse but in fact are taking enormous risks.

Community Supported Solar: On Sun Harvesting in the Monadnock Region

As I write this in early February, it’s comforting & rewarding to see the sun climb above the tree tops on the horizon from its lowest angle in late December. As the rays get stronger on these cold, clear days, we’re getting back to meaningful power from the meager levels of the last two months. January 26th was the first day my two PV (photovoltaic) systems harvested over 20 kWh of free electricity this year. By March the newer system will be doing that by itself. I like banking the excess electrons I don’t need into my utility account, last year I only had to buy electricity during two months.

Connecting the Dots, Code Red for Humanity

Let’s stop blaming Mother Nature, humans emit 40 BN tons of GHGs a year, mostly from burning fossil fuels.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) - what are you waiting for?

The pace of change for a better technology can be amazing, 15 years ago the modern smartphone didn’t exist, now half the people on the planet have one! In 2010 electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 0.002% of global vehicle sales, it’s already 10% with a flood of new EVs, the 2020’s will be electric.

Some 21st century lessons for the really big challenge

We’ve faced some tough challenges, witnessing terrorism, surges of migration, intense weather, recession, pandemic, supply chain shortages, inflation and the erosion of confidence in science and facts. What have we learned?